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Digital workshop: The raw material for the forest based industry in the future

  • 25. januar 2023 - 25. januar 2023
  • 09:00 - 11:00
  • Dette arrangement har allerede funnet sted.
In the project Assess4EST (Seeing trees and forests for the future: assessment of trade-offs and potentials to breed and manage forests to meet sustainability goals) one of the main topics is to identify what factors that will be important for the forest based industry in the future, and in the next step how this will influence the plant breeding and treatment of the forests in the future. It is desirable to highlight both short and long term relations, e.g. the importance of volume production, the importance of various wood properties as knots, fiber properties, grain angle, etc., suitability of various wood species and environmental aspects concerning raw material supply to the industry in the future.

Based on this, WoodWorks! Cluster arranges a workshop in the Assess4EST-project 25th January 2023 09:00-11:00 to discuss these topics. In the beginning of the workshop, it will be short presentations from industry and research, and thereafter a discussion (language: English).
The workshop is open for all, and the registration is here: Til påmelding


  • Introduction: Breeding and forest management for the future pile of logs: the users must tell us what quality that is needed!
    Arne Steffenrem, Research Scientist, NIBIO
  • The forest industry’s need for tree breeding for future wood properties, increased growth and resistance to pathogens
    Ola Kårén, Chef Verksamhetsutveckling Skog & Skötsel, SCA
  • More value from less harvest: the future of biomass cascade processing for novel biohybrid and added value products of circular bioeconomy
    Tuula Jyske, Research manager, Luke / Professor in wood material science, University of Helsinki.
  • Wood quality and its influence of building constructions
    Joakim Dørum, Sc Civil Engineering, CEO, Green Advisers AS
  • Short presentations of Paper Province and WoodWorks!Cluster concerning coordination of further activities, Sandra Sundbäck, CEO, Paper Province and
    Kjersti Kinderås, CEO, WoodWorks! Cluster

A discussion based on the presentations and additional input from the workshop participators will be performed.
The goal with the session is to end up with important topics for further work, both in industry and at research institutions.