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WoodWorks! – The woodcluster in Central Norway

About WoodWorks! Cluster

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WoodWorks! Cluster is a well-functioning and complete forest- and Wood-based cluster in Central Norway. The cluster contains of players from the entire industry with common visions and projects:

• Contributes to creating a sustainable society
• Aming to make the renewable profitable
• Carries long traditions for change and innovation
• A future-oriented cluster characterized by market orientation and innovation
• Will increase the use of wood and fiber in existing and new market areas

The Arena initiative will provide the cluster an additional lift and support the offensive development that is already present for the use of wood and wood-fibers in existing and new products- and market areas. The potential is substantial.

The main purpose of the cluster project is to strengthen the cluster companies’ competitive advantage through increased innovation and market development in national and international markets.

Foto: WoodWorks! Cluster/FotoKnoff

Good conditions

Trøndelag has the raw-material, industry and ability to explore the market. Well known R&D environment- and educational institutions in technology, economics, social sciences and other knowledge environments are present in the region and contribute to strengthened the competitiveness of the industry.

The cluster consists of players in the value-chain of forest, industry and building-construction – meaning industry players from the wood-based value-chains and partners from research and knowledge environments, local management and other support systems.

This broad partnership has until recently consisted of nearly 50 participants, which 15 has been core companies, 9 cluster companies, 12 R&D partners, as well as 12 collaborative partners.

The cluster applied at the beginning of September 2019 for status at the next cluster level – ARENA PRO, in the national cluster program Norwegian Innovation Clusters. During the prosess with developing the cluster, we have now reached a total of 75 companies, customers, suppliers and partners.

Contact is well established with national and international environments.

The forest networks LENSA, Innherred Skognettverk, and Skognæringa i Namdal participate in the cluster cooperation. The projects organize forestry operators who are working to gain increased activity among forest owners and all municipalities in Trøndelag as well as some municipalities in neighboring counties.

WoodWorks! Cluster works closely with Kystskogbruket and the organization Skognæringa Kyst SA.

WoodWorks! builds on a strong collaboration culture which is aimed at innovation and market orientation based on the bioeconomy. The cluster collaboration gives an extra lift with common efforts heading to a greener future.

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The concept of ARENA clusters

Arena aims to stimulate innovation and cooperation between companies, R&D organisations, academic institutions and public organisations.

The Arena-program is meant for regional clusters of knowledge-based companies and competence fora’s that recognises opportunities for a united effort for development of the individual company and the cluster in total.

Arena is a part (a level) of the governmental support for innovation and growth in Norway.

An annual revision and recruitment of clusters secures dynamic development based on a set of criteria’s defined by SIVA (Centre of Innovation), Norges Forskningsråd (Norwegian R&D council) and Innovasjon Norge.

The program offers financial and knowledge support for long term cluster development.

Foto: WoodWorks! Cluster/FotoKnoff